Fritz Schminke, the client of the famous Haus Schminke in Loebau, was born in Glauchau, November 9, 1897. His father, Wilhelm Schminke, was the copartner of a textile factory and he bought the Loebau noodle factory ANKER-TEIGWARENFABRIK "Loeser & Richter" in 1904. So, Wilhelm and his wife Anna Therese Schminke, nee Roessler and their son Fritz moved to "Loebau, City at the Mountain." Their other son, Hans Wilhelm, born January 30, 1905 died at the age of only four months and 5 days. Their third son, Joachim Schminke, was born July 13, 1906.
After his secondary school certificate, Fritz Schminke started a commercial apprenticeship at the company Thierbach in Dresden, 1913. When his father became ill in 1918, he took the provisional controllership. After his father's death in April 28, 1920, Fritz, at the age of only 22, became the conclusive "managing director" of the plant, which he and his brother Joachim succeeded. Their mother died a little later.
Fritz Oswald Schminke married Agnes Thekla Charlotte Orlamuender in March 21, 1922 who was three years younger and originally came from Magdeburg. There were four children arising from their wedlock: Son Fritz Wilhelm Harald in 1924, daughter Anna Gertraude in 1926, daughter Erika in 1929 and daughter Helga in 1930. Fritz Schminke was a city counselor for the "Buergerliche Vereinigung" (civic association) from 1926 to 1932.
The Schminke couple lived in the two-floor row housing 10, Goethestrasse from the time of their marriage. The Schminke brothers Fritz and Joachim succeeded this house from their parents. Joachim Schminke, who graduated from his commercial apprenticeship in Hamburg, hardly ever stayed at his parents' house in Loebau. When he returned to Loebau, the house in Goethestrasse became too small for all of them. The brothers agreed that Joachim should remain in the house and that Fritz should build a new one for his family in the garden behind the factory.
The family moved into the new building in May 31, 1933. In 1934, son Harald moved to Dresden in order to complete his university-entrance diploma. Both, Harald and his father were enlisted to the military service in 1939.
On May 6, 1945, the family celebrated the marriage of their daughter Gertraude with Helmut Bleks in the Haus Schminke. One day later, the family left their home and escaped from the advancing Red Army.
The Red Army confiscated the house which later provided accommodation for officers. When the Red army gave the house back in 1946, Charlotte Schminke established a children's recreation home there. This was for existential reasons because the family had been dispossessed from their previous living, the ANKER noodle manufactory, July 1, 1946. The Schminkes were considered "war criminals" as the pasta which they manufactured was also delivered to the German army Deutsche Wehrmacht. Their son Harald Schminke was killed in action in Russia on December 21, 1943. His father Fritz was in Russian war captivity from 1945 to 1948.
In April 1951, Charlotte Schminke dissolved the recreation home that she had established. She left the GDR, which had been formed in the meantime, in order to follow her husband, who had been living in Celle since 1950. After two years of unemployment and illness, Fritz found a new job with his former competitor "Trueller". From Celle, Fritz Schminke contacted Hans Scharoun. Both had become good friends. As correspondence shows, Fritz was proud of his youngest daughter Helga who became one out of only three female mason learners who were involved in the reconstruction of the Dresden Zwinger Palace.
Scharoun was instructed meanwhile to design a new dwelling house in Celle but, it was never realized due to family reasons. After a long time of dissociation, the marriage broke down and they were divorced in 1953.
Fritz Schminke died in his second marriage in Celle, May 26, 1971. Charlotte Schminke died in a rest home in Goslar five years later. Gertraude Bleks, her eldest daughter, decided to go with her husband to Namibia. They got involved in humanitarian work with the "Helmut-Bleks-Stiftung" foundation which had been established especially for that reason in 1971. Gertraude lived in Baumgartsbrunn, a colony near Windhoek for many years before she died April 14, 2008. Schminkes' second eldest daughter Erika Inderbiethen married in Osnabrueck 1954. She lives in Lemgo, an old Hanseatic city in North Rhine-Westphalia. Helga Zumpe, Schminkes' youngest daughter, lives in Bochum and regularly visits Loebau and her parents' house.
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