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  • "Der moderne Blick - The modern view"
    15.00 €
    "Der moderne Blick - The modern view"
    160 pages

    The Modern View presents a total of 20 constructions built in the 1920s and 30s in Saxony. The book wants to tell the stories behind the buildings. It comes with an additional app that allows you to experience these stories illustrated by short video clips through your smartphone or tablet, making it an interactive art book that foregoes specialist jargon in favour of pictures. Find the app in your app store or use the link at www.dermoderneblick.de .
  • "Leuchtendes Schiff in schwerer See"
    14.95 €
    "Leuchtendes Schiff in schwerer See"
    90 pages

    Our latest publication on the Schminke House as paperback. It tells the story of the house, the commissioning family and the architect Hans Scharoun in German and English. Its numerous illustrations make it an ideal complement to a guided tour through the house.
  • Where Architects stay in Germany
    29.90 €
    Where Architects stay in Germany
    222 pages

    This volume invites you to a journey of discovery to very special vacation lodgings, whose architecture and interior design make the experience of traveling perfect. The book for design aficionados after a stay at the Schminke House.
  • TOPOMOMO travel book
    10.00 €
    TOPOMOMO travel book
    176 pages

    “Boldness in building - Rediscovered” This bilingual travel book presents 32 buildings from the 1920s and 30s in the border region between the towns of Weißwasser and Jablonec nad Nisou. The residential homes, churches, schools and museums are witness to the pinnacle of this formerly industrial region, and tell us of the innovative spirit of its contemporary entrepreneurs.
  • Hans Scharoun - Zeichnungen
    5.00 €
    Hans Scharoun - Zeichnungen
    from the Schminke family's guest book
    16 pages

    Visiting friends: Hans Scharoun in the Schminke House. This little brochure features snippets from the family’s guestbook, in which Scharoun too has left scores of entries during his numerous visits to the house. It is a cheerful little booklet that includes drawings by the renowned architect himself.
  • "Das Konrad-Wachsmann-Haus in Niesky"
    17.90 €
    "Das Konrad-Wachsmann-Haus in Niesky"
    Ein Holzbau der Moderne
    107 pages

    The book for visitors of the company director’s home. The architect Konrad Wachsmann designed this house for the Niesky-based company Christoph & Unmack. The book was published in 2014 on the occasion of the completed restoration of the house. Alongside an abundance of photographs and stories, the book also documents the restoration works with illustrations and comments.
  • "Holzbauten der Moderne"
    10.00 €
    "Holzbauten der Moderne"
    104 pages incl. map

    The architecture guide on the Niesky timber buildings. The bilingual paperback tells the story of modern timber construction. Additionally, the volume contains a catalogue of all timber buildings in Niesky, including an overview map.
  • "WUWA Wohnung und Werkraum"
    10.00 €
    "WUWA Wohnung und Werkraum"
    157 pages

    “Home and Workroom” - the Werkbund Association of Craftsmen Exhibition in Breslau (Wrocław). This bilingual publication (2014) presents the buildings of the large 1929 building exhibition with numerous original photographs and floor plans, and includes interviews with people who live in them today.
  • DVD "Mit Licht gebaut"
    9.95 €
    DVD "Mit Licht gebaut"
    27 minutes
    Subtitles German/English

    ‘A Ship of a Life by Hans Scharoun’ The architect and building historian Klaus Klüvers, the youngest Schminke daughter Helga, and the contemporary witness Ello Hirschfeld got a chance to share their thoughts and memories in this 2012 Arte TV documentary
  • Apple brandy - SPECIAL PRICE
    19.00 €
    Apple brandy - SPECIAL PRICE
    from our apple orchard
    200 ml, 40 %

    Our ‘House Schminke Apple Brandy’ is made exclusively with apples from the original meadow orchard beyond the Schminke House. This fine spirit is distilled manually with love in the Sächsische Spirituosenmanufaktur in Kirschau.

    In times like these for 19,- € instead of 24,- €.
  • Paper model Haus Schminke
    7.00 €
    Paper model Haus Schminke
    M. 1:100
    3 sheets incl. instructions

    The Schminke House en miniature. With three sheets of heavy paper, you can build your own Schminke House on a 1 to 100 scale as display model or for colouring with crayons. Suitable for children 10 years and older.
  • Zeiss lamp
    399.00 €
    Zeiss lamp
    Zeiss Ikon DP1
    about 1928

    A bright spot on your ceiling: this lamp, designed in 1928 by the Bauhaus teacher Adolf Meyer comes with its original, and with a replacement shade made in GDR - eye candy for the modern living room.

    The lamp can either be picked up at the Schminke House or shipped including insurance. Please get in touch with us for details on shipping costs.
  • Guided tour (standard)
    10.00 €
    Guided tour (standard)
    Guided tour of the Schminke House
    for public tours (Sat and Sun, at 1 and 3 p.m.)
    10,- € per guest

    Make someone happy with one of our public tours through the house, available every Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. from 2019, after refurbishing is done.
  • Guided tour (exclusive)
    50.00 €
    Guided tour (exclusive)
    Private tour of the Schminke House
    after prior arrangement
    50,- € incl. 5 guests

    A voucher for an undisturbed tour through the house - at the date you request. Guided tours are also possible outside of our regular opening hours.
  • Voucher overnight stay
    250.00 €
    Voucher overnight stay
    Staying overnight at the Schminke House
    2 to 12 guests max.
    starting at 250,- €

    A tangible experience - gift a night in our unique atmosphere for a maximum of 12 guests. The entire house and garden will be at your disposal. The voucher will not contain a fixed date and is valid for three years.
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