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  • Coffee mug with Nudeldampfer
    12.00 €
    Coffee mug with Nudeldampfer
    With the new two-colour edition of our coffee mug (340 ml), you are ready for a good start everyday. The mug is made of ceramic, it is 95 mm high, 82 mm in diameter and dishwasher-safe. Good morning!
  • Fabric bag "Haus Schminke"
    12.00 €
    Fabric bag "Haus Schminke"
    The classic black fabric bag with white print for all your shopping, errands and anything else you need to carry. It comes with a long shoulder strap, and is also available as the ‘book bag’, filled with two of our publications.
  • Book bag
    45.00 €
    Book bag
    The stylish black fabric bag is also available filled with two of our publications: ‘Heavy ship in kelly seas’, the revised second edition of the book about the house in German and English, and the TOPOMOMO paperback in German and Czech. Reading material for your trip, so to speak, best suited for travelling in the region along the Saxon-Czech border.
  • Art print special edition "The Grand Buffet"
    25.00 €
    Art print special edition "The Grand Buffet"
    If you want to give away a unique piece of art and spread joy at the same time, purchase the print of our special edition entitled "if you' d like to be our guest, we' d be very happy" by Alina Grasmann. The art print (20x15 cm) is limited to 240 pieces, hand-signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Get the party at the Haus Schminke for your own home here.
  • Scarf "Light spots"
    25.00 €
    Scarf "Light spots"
    Just in time for spring, we are now offering the matching noodle-steamer accessory: The summer scarf "Light spots" wraps wonderfully around the neck, adorns every piece of clothing, protects the new hairdo and simply looks great. Part of the revenues will go to the association "Kamswyker Kreis " and the preservation of the "Bunte Reihe " - an early work by Hans Scharoun.
  • Paper model Haus Schminke
    7.50 €
    Paper model Haus Schminke
    M. 1:100
    3 sheets incl. instructions

    The Schminke House en miniature. With three sheets of heavy paper, you can build your own Schminke House on a 1 to 100 scale as display model or for colouring with crayons. Suitable for children 10 years and older.
  • Postcards (set of 10)
    15.00 €
    Postcards (set of 10)
    Our favourite house and its best sides, captured by our number-one photographer Marcel Schröder. The set contains 10 different pictures of the inside and outside. Almost too good to be mailed.
  • Tile "Noodle Steamer"
    18.00 €
    Tile "Noodle Steamer"
    The Schminke House as stencil art. Every tile is unique!
    This tile became a bestseller during our crowdfunding campaign. Now you can order it here. Available in blue or red.
  • Apple brandy
    24.00 €
    Apple brandy
    from our apple orchard
    200 ml, 40 %

    Our ‘House Schminke Apple Brandy’ is made exclusively with apples from the original meadow orchard beyond the Schminke House. This fine spirit is distilled manually with love in the Sächsische Spirituosenmanufaktur in Kirschau.
  • "Leuchtendes Schiff in schwerer See"
    25.00 €
    "Leuchtendes Schiff in schwerer See"
    90 pages

    The second edition of our publication on the Schminke House now as hardcover. It tells the story of the house, the commissioning family and the architect Hans Scharoun in German and English. Its numerous illustrations make it an ideal complement to a guided tour through the house.
  • Catalogue "The Grand Buffet"
    20.00 €
    Catalogue "The Grand Buffet"
    102 pages

    For its 90th birthday, Haus Schminke was the venue for the second part of the fantastic series of paintings "The Grand Buffet" by painter Alina Grasmann . A total of seven paintings were exhibited, accompanied by the sound installation "Für Alina" by sound artist Daniel Neumann . After the first part of "The Grand Buffet" was shown exclusively at the Fridman Gallery in New York, the catalog now presents the paintings from both parts of the series. The explanatory texts on the series, the artists and Haus Schminke are bilingual in German and English. Anyone who missed the festive week at Haus Schminke will find a wonderful overview of Alina Grasmann's work at the house, here.
  • "Der moderne Blick - The modern view"
    15.00 €
    "Der moderne Blick - The modern view"
    160 pages

    The Modern View presents a total of 20 constructions built in the 1920s and 30s in Saxony. The book wants to tell the stories behind the buildings. It comes with an additional app that allows you to experience these stories illustrated by short video clips through your smartphone or tablet, making it an interactive art book that foregoes specialist jargon in favour of pictures. Please note: The app is currently undergoing technical revisions and is currently not available in the app stores - but this way there is more time for reading.
  • TOPOMOMO – Experimentierland der Moderne / Experimentální území moderny
    15.00 €
    TOPOMOMO – Experimentierland der Moderne / Experimentální území moderny
    212 pages

    The new TOPOMOMO book presents 30 buildings of the interwar period along the Saxon-Czech border. The influence of the art schools in Dessau, Prague and Wroclaw gave rise to a veritable "land of modern experiments" in the space between. The success stories of courageous owners and their architects led to a cross-border architectural heritage that holds a huge potential for today's rather rural region. Recommended for explorer types!
  • Bauhaus - A photographic journey around the world
    46.00 €
    Bauhaus - A photographic journey around the world
    240 pages

    The Bauhaus movement, founded in Weimar in 1919, influenced the development of modern architecture far beyond the borders of Germany. For almost a decade, photographer Jean Molitor has travelled around the globe to document its influence – be it in Berlin or Casablanca, Stuttgart or Havana, St. Petersburg or Guatemala City, Vienna or Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This book offers an overview of the most important architectural trends in the first half of the 20th Century and features over 130 impressively-staged photos of Classic Modernism masterpieces from all over the world, some of them unknown until now.
  • Growing up modern
    40.00 €
    Growing up modern
    german or english
    328 pages

    What was it like to grow up in a Modernist residence? Did these radical environments shape the way that children looked at architecture later in life? The oral history in this book paint a uniquely intimate portrait of Modernism. It offers a unique, private and often refreshing perspective on these icons of the avant-garde - also with the youngest daughter of the Schminke familiy. Absolutely wonderful!
  • Is everything Bauhaus?
    15.00 €
    Is everything Bauhaus?
    German or English
    80 pages

    Mia and Lucas Rosenstein are excited to have been invited to their grandfather's birthday celebration in Chicago. While exploring his apartment, the kids discover an old suitcase full of peculiar articles. For each individual item, their grandfather shares another interesting story - with each one tying into the Rosenstein family history as well. All of them are part of the fascinating world of Bauhaus. Mia and Lucas's interest is sparked and together, they decide to visit the major Bauhaus sites of their home country.

    With this delightfully illustrated book, kids and adults alike will not only encounter Germany's historic Bauhaus locations, they'll also be able to grasp the idea behind the movement.
  • Haus Mettenberger Weg 17
    20.00 €
    Haus Mettenberger Weg 17
    112 pages

    Hugo Häring was one of the few representatives of the “neues bauen” who dealt with the relationship between the “intellectual” and the “technical” human. In 1950/51 he built the house at Mettenberger Weg 17 in Biberach/Riß. The results of the detailed, architectural archaeological investigations of the "House Mettenberger Weg 17" are presented in this book in a particularly descriptive manner, also understandable for the interested layperson and appealing with plenty of pictures and drawings. It is looked at in its architectural and cultural-historical context.
  • Where Architects stay in Germany
    29.90 €
    Where Architects stay in Germany
    222 pages

    This volume invites you to a journey of discovery to very special vacation lodgings, whose architecture and interior design make the experience of traveling perfect. The book for design aficionados after a stay at the Schminke House.
  • Bauhaus Imaginista: A School in the World
    48.00 €
    Bauhaus Imaginista: A School in the World
    312 pages

    Placing emphasis on the international dissemination and reception of the Bauhaus, this book expresses the Bauhaus’ influence, philosophy, and history beyond Germany. The book offers a rare opportunity to explore the experimental, open-ended character of Modernism as well as its inherent role in reimagining the relationship between art and society.
  • "Holzbauten der Moderne"
    10.00 €
    "Holzbauten der Moderne"
    104 pages incl. map

    The architecture guide on the Niesky timber buildings. The bilingual paperback tells the story of modern timber construction. Additionally, the volume contains a catalogue of all timber buildings in Niesky, including an overview map.
  • "WUWA Wohnung und Werkraum"
    10.00 €
    "WUWA Wohnung und Werkraum"
    157 pages

    “Home and Workroom” - the Werkbund Association of Craftsmen Exhibition in Breslau (Wrocław). This bilingual publication (2014) presents the buildings of the large 1929 building exhibition with numerous original photographs and floor plans, and includes interviews with people who live in them today.
  • Voucher guided tour (public)
    10.00 €
    Voucher guided tour (public)
    Guided tour of the Schminke House in German
    for public tours (Sat and Sun, at 1 and 3 p.m.)
    10,- € per guest

    Make someone happy with one of our public tours through the house in German, available every Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. The voucher will not contain a fixed date and is valid for three years.
  • Voucher private tour (D)
    50.00 €
    Voucher private tour (D)
    Private tour of the Schminke House in German
    after prior arrangement
    50,- € incl. 5 guests

    A voucher for an undisturbed tour through the house - at the date you request. Guided tours are also possible outside of our regular opening hours.The voucher will not contain a fixed date and is valid for three years.
  • Voucher Guided tour (E, CS, PL)
    80.00 €
    Voucher Guided tour (E, CS, PL)
    Private tour of the Schminke House in English, Czech or Polish
    after prior arrangement
    80,- € incl. 8 guests

    A voucher for an undisturbed tour through the house - at the date you request. Guided tours are also possible outside of our regular opening hours.The voucher will not contain a fixed date and is valid for three years.
  • Voucher overnight stay
    300.00 €
    Voucher overnight stay
    Staying overnight at the Schminke House
    2 to 12 guests max.
    starting at 300,- €

    A tangible experience - gift a night in our unique atmosphere for a maximum of 12 guests. The entire house and garden will be at your disposal. The voucher will not contain a fixed date and is valid for three years.
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