The Foundation

“The Schminke House Foundation (Stiftung Haus Schminke) is a private foundation with legal capacity based in Löbau, Saxony. Our prime and only mission is to conserve and protect the Schminke House, to research its history, and to reasonably use it as a historical monument while keeping it open for the general public” (Extract from our 2009 Articles of Association).

This mission of our Foundation ties us to a number of tasks. We strive to preserve this superb architectural landmark, a witness to New Objectivity for future generations, and to transform it into a cultural venue for art and architecture buffs from around the world. Networking with actors from other sectors and increasing public awareness of the house are as paramount to us as is the management of visitor traffic and both public and private events. We introduce architecture to children and teenagers. We conduct research on the house and its history in relation to other modernist buildings in our region. All our endeavours are geared towards safeguarding the operation and maintenance of the house in an economically feasible and heritage-compatible manner.
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