by Heinrich Lauterbach
"In the year 1925, I attended the Werkbundausstellung in Bremen. Richard Riemerschid took a wonderful speech about love and, that without love all our work would be to no avail... We also made a trip to view a factory construction near Oldenburg. On the way back in the evening, I found a seat in a car that was already occupied by two gentlemen sitting in the back. I could only see two glowing cigars. Both were exchanging some words and laughing constantly. I thought to myself, what a silly party I had joined. While noticing the pacing-around light spots of their cigars and understanding some snippets of their conversation, I suddenly remembered two ghost lights from a fairy story by Goethe, they were laughing all the time, shaking and sprinkling pieces of gold.
When the car stopped, two stately gentlemen got out, now introducing themselves: Hans Scharoun and Kurt Schwitters...
After that very first meeting in Scharoun's home town Bremen, we met again in my home town Breslau in 1926, when Scharoun was appointed to the Academy of Arts. I was the chairman of the Silesian Werkbundgruppe (German Work Federation Group) and initiated the exhibition "Werkbundsausstellung Wohnung und Werkraum (WuWa)". We co-operated soon on this project. Arising from this, we both became lifelong friends. Only by degrees, I learnt more about his development."
Cite: Heinrich Lauterbach, catalogue of the "Hans Scharoun" exhibition which was arranged by the Academy of the Arts, Berlin, 1967